NorthStar is an apparel company who strives to be a leader in our community by supplying quality products, developing memorable designs, providing excellent service, and giving back to those in need.

We are the product of the combination of Agape North and SAW Textiles. SAW has over 40 years of experience in the textile industry, originally a manufacturer of aprons and tote bags, later evolved into customization of the goods they were creating. With the globalization of the textiles industry, SAW began to see its manufacturing numbers begin to decline, however, the demand for decorating products increased.  In response, SAW concentrated the business into screen printing, embroidery, and heat sealing. SAW has over 35 years of experience in screen printing, over 25 years of experience in embroidery and 10 years of experience in heat sealing. This level of expertise in apparel decoration attracted Agape North to SAW and our story began to be woven together.

Designed for You.  Created for Others.

This phrase has been Agape North’s focus since 2010, specifically the last two words - for others.

The son of a pastor, founder Joe Williams was raised with a passion for service began his career in medical sales, and though he experienced steady success, he always felt that he should be doing more to partner with his own community. The thought was simple: buy something necessary, like clothing, and in turn provide something necessary, like uniforms, to students in need. Over time Agape North has realized that they were providing so much more than a shirt. The physical item holds a lot of weight, to be sure, but for many of the kids, receiving something new from someone they had never met meant knowing that people cared for them. 

Since 2010 the structure of our company has grown and changed alongside the world around us. As we’ve been exposed to more need throughout our city, and across the globe, our business model has shifted to ensure we are good stewards of growth and servanthood remains our guiding principle.

Agape North approached SAW Textiles about providing all of the embroidery and screen printing services for its business. Some 10 years later, Agape North and SAW Textiles decided to combine our strengths and become NorthStar Apparel. Agape has an impeccable sales structure with great customer service, and SAW has superior production capabilities with prompt turnaround times.  With this synergy, NorthStar Apparel is seeking to become an industry leader in the community while ensuring to maintain a strong relationship with our community by giving back.

NorthStar’s passion is building a relationship with our customers so that we may produce an impactful array of products to help our customers market themselves and their ideas. Our private foundation, Lionheart, receives a percentage from each order and then distributes assistance and exposure to nonprofit organizations that need it most. 

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